Giving Back - Fall 2013

In the past five years, three women in my life have shown immense courage, tenacity, and beauty whilst going through treatment for breast cancer. Fortunately, all three are living healthy lives today.  

All sorts of jewelry for the taking.

All sorts of jewelry for the taking.

This fall and last, I've been lucky enough to be a small part of a local fundraiser to support breast cancer research. The amazing ladies at Pacific Northwest Pilates and my good friend Liz at LHK Marketing put together a month-long event called Pilates for Pink. The event includes raffles, classes, a donation drive, and finishes with a Sunday morning pilates workshop and celebration under the gorgeous trees of Portland's Hoyt Arboretum.  

With a special, limited-edition earring design, as well as a trunk show, I was honored to donate a percentage of proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. All told, the event raised over $5200 for the BCRF.  


Take that, cancer. 

Starting fresh

I'm one of those people who gets a thrill out of a brand new pack of sticky notes, or a blank calendar (yes, the paper kind). I love having a blank page to do with as I please. So, while I loved my old website, I was so excited to start over!  

This is why manicures mean nothing to me.

This is why manicures mean nothing to me.

Poke around, check it out. It's all new! I have every hope that I'll get some online ordering up and running soon. In addition, I might continue to attempt to bore you with my ramblings (and maybe the occasional useful, thoughtful, or poetic post) here on the blog. 

 Thanks for stopping by...