It doesn't have to just has to "go".

The year was 1984. An eight year old me was hot on the trail of a Mother's Day gift. I had six dollars burning a hole in my pocket and was really hoping to have enough left over to feed my slightly ridiculous sugar addiction. 

After combing the "gift" aisle of the Woolworth's drugstore and deeply inhaling the intoxicating smell in the air - something like bubble gum mixed up with cheap sneakers - my eyes landed on my prize. There, in a red velveteen box, was a lovely matching earring and necklace set. The sparkle of the heart-shaped rhinestones had me at "hello". It was perfect. 

And I'm pretty sure that my mom got to wear it once. Before it broke...or turned her neck green. One of those.

All these years later, I struggle with one question (well, okay...WAY more than one, but for our purposes here, bear with me): To make matching sets or not to make matching sets. More often than not, my answer is a resounding "no".

A dear friend and fashionista has a mantra regarding this issue: "It doesn't have to match. It just has to 'go'." And it's true. As long as two or more pieces aren't in constant battle with one another, it goes. If it represents your style, go with it. Lucky for all of us, recent seasons have brought with them an "okay" to mix metal colors, gemstones, and shapes. Layers are in. Don't have a giant statement piece? Layer some smaller pieces of different lengths. Find the mix that works for you.

And worry not...if YOU love it, it goes.